My biography

With many years of experience in the dance industry I have seen it all. The history of house has passed all my senses and became part of me. In my childhood I listened to unknown and (illegal) dance radio stations; house, techno, trance, hardcore, goa, drum n bass etc. Never satisfied with the right order and choice of tracks I started DJ-ing and producing his my own mixtapes. After mastering the Technics turntables I also was a pioneer in digital mixing, and all that happened in a time when Pioneer CDJ-2000 players didn't exist.

GeneriS is also the former owner of the record shop "Dance Department", I sold cd's and the "old skool" vinyl 12 inch records. This record shop was the start of a DJ community and the beginning of an party / event organisation: "Imperium". Together with his own drive-in show the "Imperium" parties became populair and so did I as DJ playing at my own events.

My preference was (hard)trance music and my DJ examples DJ Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, over time my style and music adjusted to the trends and influences of that certain time period. At this moment my preference is house music, but I also like to play some deep and tech-house music. I like to give the crowd what they want, whatever make them jump and scream for more. My sets are true translations of the emotional state of the crowd at that particular moment, a magical music journey with lots of highlights. My sets are most compared to famous DJ's like: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. Always creating an uplifting and energetic atmosphere that keeps the crowd inside and jumping for hours!

With my knowledge as an internet expert, DJ and organisation skills this led me to become part of my own organisation: House Plaza - Quality House Music for Clubs and Events. Managing DJ's, creating new party concepts, taking care of the marketing off- / online and also DJ at the House Plaza events. Creating and maintaining websites for DJ's and other dance industry related companies, managing their social media and advise / promote them in any kind of way.

House Plaza also provides professional light & sound equipment for DJ's and events, small sized or even festival sized. All this gives me the opportunity to provide everything needed in the dance business; music, sound, lights, entertainment, community etc.

It's most likely you have seen websites / flyers / logo's or have been to parties and events and have heard the music of and by DJ GeneriS. A man, part DJ and part organiser and digital creator in the dance industry.

Your choice of music is the reflection of the current state of your soul!

With love,

DJ GeneriS